Best Organic Skincare for Sensitive skin

A fact you might not know: all skin is susceptible to sensitivities. The environment, such factors as pollutants, the weather, the food we eat, and irritants in some cosmetics, can all play a role in causes of sensitivity. 

Itchy, tight, or inflamed skin can all result from these factors. YAY, just what we wanted to hear! It is possible, however, to make some simple changes to your skincare routine, to be able to protect and soothe your skin, and also prevent those irritations.


1. Get back to basics

In the case of sensitive skin, simpler is better. When it comes to your cleanser, you should avoid harsh chemicals, perfumes, and dyes, and instead look for products for your skin that are gentle and don't cause irritation. Are you over-cleansing? There is such a thing! 

A squeaky-clean face is not how we want our skin to feel - we want it gently cleansed and refreshed. Take care of your skin with products like our Papaya Enzyme Serum Organic Set with FREE moisturiser, which Hydrate and brighten skin with the combination of our organic active ingredients and moringa oil.


2. Remove your make-up before you go to bed

Ah, you know what we're feeling like before we go to sleep! If you remove your make-up before going to bed, it can quickly become a habit (you'll thank me later). It's not a good idea to sleep with makeup on when you have sensitive skin. 

When you wash sensitive skin at the end of the day, a fruit enzyme gel cleanser can help keep it feeling fresh and clear. Are you afraid the gel will make your skin feel tight? Don’t be, you’ll be glowing!


3. Sensitive skin should be handled with care

Sometimes we can be too harsh when cleansing. The things you do to your skin after you cleanse, such as rubbing, tugging or even drying, can make it more sensitive. When you remove makeup, linger for a few minutes. Until the stubborn makeup dissolves, hold the cotton pad over your eye for a couple of seconds longer.


4. Protect sensitive skin from the sun

Skin can be damaged by UVA and UVB rays even when the sun isn't shining. A cloudy day can also result in sunburn. Include sunscreen in your daily skincare routine to stay protected all year round. For an everyday moisturiser with added sunscreen, try a lightweight option - and one that is easier to store in your bathroom.


5. Keep skin cool

Avoid very hot showers and lukewarm water to wash your face, as too much heat can cause your skin to feel uncomfortable. Put a damp face cloth in the fridge to use as a cooling compress on irritated skin when you feel your skin needs cooling down. To super boost your skin coolness I recommend ESARORA’S Ice Roller!


6. Protect against pollution

Your skin can become damaged by air pollution as it sticks to your skin throughout the day. These particles can accumulate on the skin over time, causing irritation. 

What is our recommendation? To remove dirt and impurities, you should clean at the beginning and end of each day. Are you out and about? Cleanse while on the go with cleansing wipes from your bag.


7. Drink up

By keeping your hydration levels high, you will maintain calm and clear skin. A moisturizing regimen twice a day will help to maintain healthy skin, while adequate water consumption will keep you hydrated. You can keep your drinking glass on your desk to remind yourself to do so!


8. Bad bed sheets for sensitive skin

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Is sensitive skin a type of skin condition?

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Where do I start?

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