FAQ: Organic Facial Cleanser with Enzymes

In the following I would like to answer a few questions about organic products, their characteristics and benefits.


What is the correct way to apply and rinse Organic Facial Cleanser with enzymes?

To apply the Organic Facial Cleanser with enzymes, gently wet your face and hands. Use a small amount of product to work up lather, then massage in. Rinse with warm water being careful to not create sharp peaks on skin. Moring and Night for best results!

How should I use Organic Facial Cleanser with enzymes on my face every day?

Organic Facial Cleanser with enzymes are gentle to the skin. You should apply diligently before bed or after cleansing, not over drying or washing your face thoroughly. Rinse gradually while wiping off the organics to ensure applied bacteria, fear sweat, and dirt are eliminated from the pores. The phosphatidylcholine protects the skin while enzymes catalyse cell reactions up to 50% which result in softer skin.
Successfully removing this sebum can keep your pores at bay, restrict wetness by 20%, and enhance firmness by 24%. All ingredients are plant-derived for a safer, gentler formulation intended for sensitive skins.

Can I stop using Organic Facial Cleanser with enzymes if I'm not experiencing any noticeable improvements?

If you're not seeing noticeable improvements after using our Organic Facial Cleanser with enzymes, don't worry! Positive changes happen gradually and we recommend that it take an average of 3-6 weeks to see noticeable results. Have a think about other reasons why your skin may not be as clear and glowing as you would like.

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