Fight Acne With Enzymes, Not Chemicals! The best enzyme serum and facial cleanser

There are many reasons to be frustrated when you wake up with acne. You might want it gone right away, but what do you do when you find your favourite spot treatment isn't working?

What are enzymes?

Enzymes are a group of proteins that help break down the food we eat into smaller, simpler molecules. They're found in all living cells and work to build and repair them. There are countless different types of enzymes with each cell or organ having its own specific ones. Enzymes also help with chemical reactions in the body, such as digestion and metabolism.

How do enzymes fight acne?

Enzymes are naturally occurring proteins that act as catalysts to speed up the rate of chemical reactions. They break down food after it has been eaten and also fight against acne by digestion of excess oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria. Enzyme cleaners are more effective than using chemicals because they don't cause damage to natural materials like wood or drywall.

Are enzymes safe for my skin?

Enzymes are naturally occurring substances found in every living cell. Some enzymes break down fats and sugars while others help our bodies digest food. Enzymes can also be used to treat some skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and rosacea. Their safe application means that they do not irritate the skin and they don't cause allergic reactions. Learn more about Sensitive Skin and why changing your routine to organic is a must!

Types of enzymes used in acne treatments

In general, there are three types of enzymes used in acne treatments: proteolytic, lipolytic, and lysogenic. Proteolytic enzymes break down proteins that cause inflammation and can be found in foods and even in some topical products. Lipolytic enzymes break down fats that clog pores and lead to breakouts. Lysogenic enzymes work on the bacteria that causes acne by stopping their growth and making them less resistant to antibiotics.

Other considerations when using enzymes to treat acne

Without enzymes, acne is caused by inflammation and/or bacteria which use sebum as a food source. When the production of the natural enzymes is reduced or eliminated by stress, poor diet, or an unhealthy environment, these bacteria grow unchecked and lead to more breakouts.


Enzyme acne treatment is a natural and safe way to treat your acne without any side effects. It is a proven and tested alternative for those who do not want to use traditional chemical treatments. Enzymes are the perfect choice because they reset the pH at your skin's surface, restore moisture to your skin, and help eliminate bacteria and dead cells. They also speed up the healing process and reduce redness and swelling.

Best Enzyme Serum for acne

Best Enzyme rich Facial Cleanser for acne


Why an Enzyme Facial Cleanser is Perfect for You

Looking for the perfect facial cleanser is not an easy task. With so many different brands on the market today, with their promises for cleaner skin and better complexion, it can be hard to know which one will help you achieve your goals. There are also chemicals that you don't want rubbing into your skin or drying out your face that agents do - with enzymatic agents, however, now this problem has been solved!

More about Enzymes?

Enzymes are natural proteins that act as very important regulatory agents for several different life-sustaining chemical processes. Some of these functions include breaking down food, regulating the immune system, and helping the body fight bacteria. The human body produces enzymes to take care of all its needs, but there are some instances when too much work is given to one or more of the enzymes causing them to eventually break down. One example of this would be taking acetaminophen during cold symptoms. Aspirin does not contain acetaminophen but it still has anti-inflammatory properties.

Benefits of an Enzyme Facial Cleanser

Enzyme cleansers help by removing makeup and other impurities from skin. They also provide some nutrients and improve blood circulation, thereby making skin cells more viable on the surface of your pores. Since many enzyme ingredients are derived from natural sources such as pineapple, glycerin, and lemon, they can be more gentle on sensitive skin than regular soap.

Why Choose an Enzyme Facial Cleanser for Your Entire Face?

Maintaining your skin's health is important. There are many products you can use to protect and preserve the skin, but it's always better to choose one that will effectively cleanse, nourish, and regenerate at the same time. This is where an enzyme facial cleanser comes in: enzymes like bromelain and papain break down dead cells and remove light surface debris, making this product a best-seller for those who want healthy, clear skin.


A facial cleanser can be an important part of skin care. It aids in the skin's absorption of the product used afterward, but it also exfoliates away the dead cells on the surface of your skin. There are two types of facials: gentle and thorough. A facial cleansers will usually provide either one or the other. Moisturizers or toners usually come in after in order to lock in moisture or address dryness issues.

Best Enzyme Serum for acne

Best Enzyme rich Facial Cleanser for acne