Kakadu Plum Benefits and Kakadu Plum Powder

Kakadu Plum Extract: What is it?

Kakadu plums, sometimes called billy goat plums or salty plums, are nutritious fruits from north western Australia. The yellow-green and adorably small Kakadu are nothing like fat purple plums you may picture. Besides being crammed with antioxidants, potassium, and dietary fibre, they also have high vitamin C content. 

There is more vitamin C in Kakadu than any other natural source on Earth - 55 times more than there are in oranges.

Benefits of Kakadu Plum for Your Skin

YES, you can now use Kakadu plums for skincare, too! These nutrient-packed plums work great for just about any skincare problem. We always recommend organic skincare as it is great on sensitive skin


In addition to reducing wrinkles, Kakadu plum also boosts collagen production. As you age, your skin cells are less likely to be strong due to free radical damage. Free radicals destabilize skin cells, and vitamin C counteracts those negative effects. Make Kakadu plum your anti-aging partner, and avoid environmental damage!


Kakadu plums fight inflammation and redness by containing high antioxidant levels. Kakadu is therefore ideal for sensitive skin types, especially individuals with inflammatory skin diseases such as acne.

Immune Boosting

Skin benefits greatly from vitamin C. Since your skin is your body's first line of defence, conditions such as UV exposure can damage your skin's immunity. A topical vitamin C treatment helps maintain your skin's immunity, protecting it from potentially harmful acne-causing bacteria!

Fades Dark Marks

 A vitamin C supplement blocks the production of melanin, the pigment that causes dark marks on your skin. Your hyperpigmentation can fade away when you apply vitamin C topically.


 Vitamin C can brighten tired skin. As a result, your skin tone is smoothed and balanced, brightening your overall appearance.

Stops Scarring

Kakadu plums are high in vitamin C, which is beneficial for wound healing. Blemishes, particularly acne scars, can be prevented with our Kakadu Plum Vitamin C serum. Healthy skin recovery lowers your risk of scarring and infection.

Use Kakadu Plum to improve your skin's health

This vitamin-packed super fruit is a proven skincare saviour. Here's how to incorporate it into your daily routine.

You should choose products that put the Kakadu plum at the forefront. It would be even more beneficial if the products contained complementary botanicals that boost and support Kakadu's natural healing potential.

It's no secret that vitamin C serum is extremely gentle when it comes to your skin. One of the most popular antioxidants in the world, it hydrates, nourishes, brightens, repairs, and fights hyperpigmentation, aging, and sun damage. 

Get immersed in a world of Vitamin C goodness with the 100% vegan, non-toxic formula. If you use this elixir, you will be blown away by how plump and radiant your skin becomes.


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Kakadu Plum Powder and Kakadu Plum Oil

Kakadu plum powder showed much more total phenolic compounds than blueberry's and has been studied as a possible cancer fighting food due to the phytonutrients it contains. Kakadu Plum Oil is one of the main active ingredients and is found in our best vitamin C serum in Australia and our moisturiser with moringa oil